Under Western Skies

So, I had this doodle, several months old, I didn't like it much, but I had posted on my deceased artblog, just because I finished it. What I DID like about it was the cowgirl and the spaceship, not that either of them were drawn especially well, just that cowgirls and spaceships are-- simply by being themselves-- cool.

I found the doodle again this morning and thought, I should fix up that cowgirl and post this. I fiddled a bit with the cowgirl. Eh. I should do something with that thing-- that mesa or whatever-- in the background. I did that. Eh. Might as well fix the spaceship. And the sky. Did that. Eh.

Now I have a totally different painting, not a lick of the old one is in there, and I haven't improved my relationship with it one bit. Art can be like that.

The old one will not be shown because it looks just the same even though it's all entirely different. I may have wasted my time with this one but here it is, because I finished it.