Game Art

Here are a few drawings I've done for a board game. Full story on that very soon:


  1. Jeff Durham's! We rock. You are talented. I was doing a search on my name and found your site. Amazing artwork.

  2. Very cool stuff Jeff. Where can I find a copy of this thing when it comes out?

  3. JD: Allriiiight! What do a cartoonist and a poker dealer have in common? Sounds like the beginning of a great dirty joke but the punchline is amusing only to a select few, very special people. Oh, and yes, we DO rock. (Thanks! Glad to hear that you're impressed but I'm not surprised-- there is bound to be a natural harmony between us, I figure.)

    Justin: I understand it's scheduled to be shipped june or july. I'm not in the know as far as where it will be available in the brickandmortar world, but online it can be found at!!