Online Romance

Pen and ink drawing. Really! I obviously referenced that famous Charles Dana Gibson image.

Well, to confess, I drew each character on their own sheet of paper and then drew two computers on their own pieces of paper. After that I arranged them after scanning them and did a little touch up here and there. So, it's ALMOST a real pen and ink drawing.

This is-- I think-- the 4th online romance illustration I've done in the past few years for the paper. It must be a hot topic.

The end.


  1. As a die-hard Gibson fan, I love it!

    Hate romances, but love the illustration.

  2. Glad you like the illustration, too bad about the romances thing, though.

    Making art is a little like on-line romance for me. I fall in love with an idea, work with it to create a moment of pleasant harmony and then I post the pictures on the internet. Then, on to the next...

  3. Well done capturing the essence of of Gibson's work. A tough thing to do well.