Vader's Day

For my job, I'm working on a graphic presentation for Father's Day, and to make a long story very short, this sketch is not it.

During the brainstorming session it was mentioned that perhaps it would be good just to take one "father figure" from the story and make him the main art. Well, the text is a series of pieces by several staff writers about fathers, real and fictional, in various entertainment mediums. That's a lot of writers and that's a lot of fathers. To pick out Vader as the big representative won't really work. The tone and subtopics change too much to house them in a big, goofy, humorous MAD magazine style graphic.

But, I doodled this rough idea just for kicks and inked and colored it while I worked on the real assignment.

Anyway, not to make a big deal out of; it is merely a simple cartoon-- not even well designed. I just wanted to show it to somebody. Here you go!

The End.

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