Venus Needs Men!

This is the game for which I created art! It's not available yet, but as I understand, it will be shipping this month. You can visit the website at and take a look at what it's about. I thought I'd show the box art here and a few of the roughs I did along the way.

The game seems to have a light-hearted, "pulpy" feel and during my initial communications with game-designer John Velonis I really got the feeling that this was going to be a lot of fun. And it was!

As I recall this was the progression of the main art's design, more or less. I didn't do a bit of it on paper, it was photoshop all the way through. That's also true of the many black and white cards, a few of which were seen in the previous entry.

These are just a few of the unused scraps that I found in the reject folder.

To prepare for this project I looked at a bunch of old sci-fi art and EC comics, just soaking in the pulpy goodness until my eyes could see the world only through Wally Wood colored glasses.

It was great fun and I hope it shows.

The End.


  1. You look like you're having too much fun. Nice one.

  2. Thanks, guys.
    It was very satisfying and all around good experience. I hope to find more work like this.