Saturn's Seven Vipers

*Accidentally deleted this 2006 post while tidying-up the blog. Trying to restore it to its old spot, but lost the comments. Dang.

I felt so bad about my previous post that I thought I'd try to make up for it by showing an even-older old thing. This might have been my first attempt at doing one of those faux sci-fi covers I like to mess around with. I set out to create a space-heroine with the body of a Peter Paul Rubens-Girl -- I probably got carried away in a place (or two) there, but I don't think it violates the overall intention.

I was still new to the whole digital painting thing and I obviously loved being able to zoom way in and work on tiny little details. I've attached a close-up of her helmet where I wasted some time with this new power; If I had considered that the distance from the top of her helmet to her chin is less than an inch print size, I probably wouldn't have fiddled around so much with it.

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