Too Lazy Today

I've drawn a few things this week, but I just don't feel like scanning. Later. So, in the interest of making it look like I'm on the ball, here are a couple acrylic things I found on an old zip disc. I'm guessing they are about 10 years old, but they might be slightly younger than that.

Sorry they're so small. I recall these were on my very first website (AOL homepage thingie) way back when. I made all the artwork very tiny because it would take a loooong time to upload back in the days of the 16k (or whatever) dial-up modem.

I'm pretty sure they were drawn from some American Heritage books I picked up at a library sale.

The End.


  1. so many wonderful postings you have put up!! WOOHOO!

  2. So many? You post 5 times between my meager offerings, and I'm pulling these out of my mid-90's stash! Crazy lady...